Below is a chart where you can see what our transcription prices are. We are always willing to negotiate too. We enjoy the relationships we have with our clients, and always work with you to ensure we are meeting your needs on all fronts - and that includes pricing.

            Rush Transcription(1-2 days)  Standard Transcription (3-5 days)  Scheduled Transcriptions Category I     $1.95/minute                              $1.75/minute                     $1.60/minute

Category II    $2.50/minute                              $2.30/minute                     $2.00/minute

Category III   $4.90/minute                              $3.65/minute                    $3.05/minute

Category I - One on one or single person interview recorded digitally

Category II - Interviews with three people/audio with significant background noise/voices difficult to understand/ (Example - poor recordings, soft voices, challenging accents, etc) Verbatim transcripts fall into this category.

Category III - Any audio with four or more people - Highly scientific terms during discussions - Very thick accents - Conference calls - Focus groups - Panel discussions - Seminars with multiple participants, etc. 

Please contact us for a specific quote. It may be that none of these categories represent your exact situation. We make specific quotes for every single project, so please feel free to contact us with the button below and we will be happy to assist. 

One thing you should know - we are not pushy with our sales process - you can expect a personal/educational (if needed) experience - and we will provide you with a quote to meet your needs. We then let you decide what you would like to do without any pressure whatsoever from us.