TaikaTranslations LLC recognizes that you have a choice when it comes to translating your products, services, or business/personal communications into another language or multiple languages. As your strategic partner, TaikaTranslations LLC can help you effectively communicate your message in any language and consistently deliver high-quality, multilingual products and services. Through our process, centralized project management, translation technologies, and quality assurance standards, we provide our clients with more efficient and accurate translations at lower costs.

Partnering with TaikaTranslations provides economies of scale

You gain several important advantages by relying upon the expertise of a professional multi-language translation and localization provider like TaikaTranslations LLC.


Christ-Centered-Commitment: We are 100% committed to providing you the quality of service we would want if we were in your situation, and in doing so, honor the name of Jesus Christ. As a Christian company, everyone involved is committed to obeying the Golden Rule which is: "And as ye would that men should do to you, so do ye to them likewise". Luke 6:31

Translation & Localization Expertise: TaikaTranslations LLC has been providing translation and localization services for over 9 years. We posses the knowledge and experience necessary to translate and localize websites, software, marketing and corporate communications, eLearning and training materials, and much more-in the most cost efficient method possible. 

Centralized Project Management: Each project is managed by a dedicated and experienced project manager whose background reflects the clients' needs. Our project managers keep your project moving forward on time and on budget.

International Expert Linguists: TaikaTranslations LLC has developed a network of native-speaking, well trained, experienced and highly qualified communicators located throughout the world. Our professional linguists have the cultural knowledge and subject matter expertise necessary to navigate the language, grammar, punctuation, and context correctly.

Integration Experts: TaikaTranslations LLC is committed to making it as easy as possible for our clients to do business with us. We work closely with you to integrate your processes, brands, style guidelines, and format into the translated material.

Most of all-we HAVE PASSION!!!: Here at TaikaTranslations LLC, we are absolute fanatics about ensuring communication has transcended the boundaries of languages. Miss-communication is one of the worlds biggest problems, and we are in the business of making sure it happens as little as possible in our industry - in fact - we want to eliminate it completely. Any time you deal with anyone from our company, you will encounter this driving force of passion that indwells us as we go about our work. Translation is not just transferring text from one language to another, it is combining two completely separate worlds, and manufacturing crystal clear communication that builds relationships between real people, real companies and real worlds.  We are excited about what we can do together with you as we serve you through the process of translation!

We VALUE our clients: At TaikaTranslations LLC, we value and respect our clients. We are committed to ensuring each client is completely at ease, knowing that their project is in good hands. Our clients appreciate how easy it is to do business with us. Call or email us today to learn more about the benefits of partnering with TaikaTranslations LLC for your translation and localization needs.