Working Within Your Strengths

A common problem you can hear from project mangers (PM's) is the issue with some freelance translators that take on more, or more complex translation requests than they are familiar with. While the willingness is surely appreciated, there are times when a bit of discretion should be practiced. TaikaTranslations works to solve this issue by providing a progressive style of translator exposure. When introducing a new translator into a specific field not previously encountered, our PM's work on gradually integrating the translator into said fields to further develop their skill and provide them with an opportunity to expand their knowledge base so that we can accomplish the needs of our clients with expert, intra-network personnel. This is just one way, we can ensure customer service is upheld and we develop better relationships with our clients as well as our translators. 

Continuity of verbiage

In the translation industry there is a phenomenon that takes place when multiple translators are working on a single project. For instance a firm needs a 500,000 word project completed in three weeks. Now obviously no single translator could handle such a feat unless he/she was working day and night until the deadline. What many agencies do in this scenario is break it up and let different translators take the portions they can manage so that they can meet the deadline. Well, this causes a huge problem for the end product. Many times agencies employ translators that are very proficient, but have different backgrounds so obviously the project turns out in a sort of odd, correctly translated, but still odd feeling when you read it. It's like reading something on the same subject, but written by two or multiple different people. This happens a lot, but it is the only way to meet some deadlines. Here is the remedy.....

While running a project like this, the project manager must know that he needs to create a document flow to where every single translated page goes through one or two editors who proofread the entire document as it is being translated. Not only for correct spelling, grammar, etc. but for word type and sentence structure usage. Of course when this is attempted the first time it will be incredibly frustrating, but when a team works together, and develops a feel for how each other works, and learns how to blend their styles, the end result is a masterpiece. The project manager must know the skills of his team, and the proofreaders must know how to communicate with each-other, and to the translators. It is a continuous chain of communication that must take place in order to achieve excellence. 


Jason Ehlinger CEO-TaikaTranslations

Quote of the week

This is a great quote that we found in a document we translated. Thought we would pass it along.


Что бы вы ни делали, делайте это добросовестно. Куда бы вы ни отправились, будьте всегда лидером. Кого бы вы ни обслуживали, делайте это с заботой. О чем бы вы ни мечтали, посвятите мечтам всю свою личность. И никогда, никогда не сдавайтесь.


Whatever you do,
do with Integrity.

Wherever you go,
go as a Leader.

Whomever you serve,
serve with Caring.

Whenever you dream,
dream with your All.

And never, ever give up.


-TaikaTranslation LLC  Management