We provide translation for all types of IT related subjects. Information Technology translation is a specialty of TaikaTranslations LLC.

We provide industry specific translation and guaranteed high quality in IT translation. We have experience in hardware specialties,

software specialties, programming, networking specialties, database specialties, web specialties, and technical writing

as well as website localization translation and more.


IT Translation

TaikaTranslations provides comprehensive and flexible solutions for our clients' IT translations, and delivers consistently excellent services to our rapidly expanding clientele. Our combination of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts, and project managers, increasingly makes TaikaTranslations the partner of choice for even the most complex and specialized IT translation.

TaikaTranslations is a translation company that completely understands how important is is to receive quality, reliable, IT translation, and we are accustomed to fulfilling your company's needs in the translation of IT documents.

We are a company focused on attention to detail, and absolute accuracy in the translation of any type of document, and especially in a field such as IT where precision is of vital importance.

Apart from IT translations, TaikaTranslations also provides comprehensive services in all areas of technical translation.

Professional IT Translation Services

When TaikaTranslations undertakes the translation of an IT document, the project manager in charge will ensure that your document will be translated only by a translator who has either specific experience working in the field of IT translation, or has undergone training in IT.

AdWords Campaign Translation

We at TaikaTranslations LLC translate AdWord campaign text. Our professional staff has handled thousands of AdWords, and we are happy to offer you native translators, who live in the appropriate countries so that you can have confidence your target market will be reached by your AdWord campaign. AdWords are incredibly important marketing tools that open a whole world of opportunity when utilized correctly, and accurately. Because of this, TaikaTranslations LLC will not translate your material unless we are 100% sure we can provide perfectly accurate text for your AdWord campaign. We have worked with AdWord campaign managers, and marketing companies to meet their deadlines consistently, and on time.

Our staff is ready and to assist you in translating your AdWords campaign appropriately and professionally. We look forward to serving you in this capacity.  

Industry-specific Terminology for IT Translation

Due to the fact that TaikaTranslations will only use professionals trained in the particular field, you can rest assured that any industry-specific terminology, however technical, will always be rendered appropriately in the target language.

TaikaTranslations is a company that understands the need for attention to detail, and absolute accuracy, in the translation of any document, and especially that in the IT field, where accuracy is critical.

Guaranteed High Quality of IT Translation Services

The quality control process at TaikaTranslations ensures that you will only ever be provided with high quality, accurate, IT translation. This process begins with a translator, who is a suitably qualified linguist with appropriate experience and/or training in the relevant field. 

Once translated, the document will be passed to the editor, who will review it in detail, ensuring that the translation reads just as well in the target language as it did in the original. 

Upon completion of editing, the proofreader will perform a detailed and meticulous comparison of source and target documents, guaranteeing that the latter will be a complete, true, and accurate representation of the original version of the text. 

Commitment to deadlines

As a translation company that maintains relationships with its clients, TaikaTranslations fully comprehends the need to meet deadlines, especially in an industry such as IT.

Therefore, upon receipt of a document, a project manager will provide the client with a date and time for completion of the assignment; TaikaTranslations will be reliable in meeting this deadline.

Website Translation

As a company with expertise in IT translations and globalization, we are uniquely capable of guaranteeing high-quality website translation, which will, just like our translation or IT-related documents, be carried out by language professionals with appropriate experience in the relevant field.

We look forward to serving you in this capacity.