Our firm provides translation for engineering firms. This page provides a short summary of our translation experience and capabilities.

We translate any type of engineering contracts including, job contracts, engineering projects, engineering plans, civil engineering documents,

technical engineering documents, oil field engineering documents, cargo engineering, website engineering, refinery engineering translation,

term specific engineering translation, and engineering manual translation.



Engineering Translation

TaikaTranslations provides comprehensive and flexible engineering translations to satisfy our clients' business and professional needs, and delivers consistently excellent services to our rapidly expanding clientele. 

Our blend of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts, and project managers increasingly makes TaikaTranslations the partner of choice for even the most complex and specialized engineering translation.

TaikaTranslations LLC's experience in dealing with large and very high-profile engineering clients means that it is a company perfectly placed with capacity to provide high-quality and accurate engineering translation.

Apart from engineering, TaikaTranslations provides comprehensive services in all areas of technical translation.

Specialized Engineering Translation Professionals

In choosing a translator to work on a particular project, TaikaTranslations LLC's project managers will ensure they assign the work only to a translator with experience in the relevant field.

Therefore, if a document deals with, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering, the translator to whom the project is assigned will be not only a native speaker of the target language, but also have translation experience working in the relevant field.

Appropriate Terminology for Engineering Translation

TaikaTranslations LLC's use of translators with experience in appropriate areas of engineering, means that you can be sure that we will always use the correct terminology for your target text. 

Translation Quality Control Process

TaikaTranslations LLC's quality control process is an integral part of any assignment we encounter, particularly in a field where meticulous care must be taken, such as the translation of engineering documents.

Your document will be assigned to an appropriately qualified translator.

Upon completion of the translation, the document will be passed on to an editor, who will review it and ensure perfect quality in terms of language use. The proofreader will then compare both documents. 

This final stage of the process means that complete accuracy and precision can be guaranteed in the target text.

Formatting of Engineering Translations

Experience in dealing with engineering translation means that TaikaTranslations LLC is capable of maintaining consistent, high quality in translating of documents containing complex diagrams or graphs, and to return them formatted identically to the formatting represented in the source documentation.