We provide pharmaceutical translation of any type and work with generic competition, brand developers,

research and development, along with any other type of pharmaceutical translation needed.



Pharmaceutical Translation

TaikaTranslations provides comprehensive, professional pharmaceutical translation services for our clients' business needs. Our blend of experienced, skilled language professionals, pharmaceutical industry experts, and project managers, increasingly makes TaikaTranslations the partner of choice for even the most complex and specialized pharmaceutical translation need.


Thanks to our extensive experience in carrying out pharmaceutical translations, and great relationships with pharmaceutical clients, TaikaTranslations is the perfect company to turn to when you require pharmaceutical translation. 

Recent Pharmaceutical Translation Clients

Pharmaceutical Translation Professionals

Each assignment undertaken by TaikaTranslations is managed throughout by a single project manager, a skilled language professional with training, not only in translation, but in the strict quality control procedures which TaikaTranslations maintains.

The project manager will ensure that your pharmaceutical translations are assigned to a translator, who, in addition to high-quality language skills we demand of anyone who translates for us, has prior experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Quality Control

After translation, your document will then be passed on, first to an editor, and then to a proofreader. These will also be trained linguists, who will check the document for accuracy regarding language and terminology, and ensure that the completed assignment is a true and faithful representation of the original source document in every aspect..

Client Confidentiality in Pharmaceutical Translation

Confidentiality is vitally important in pharmaceutical translations, and TaikaTranslations strict confidentiality policy reflects this fact. For particularly sensitive documents, we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements if required by our clients.

Medical Translation

Related to pharmaceutical is medical translation, which TaikaTranslations is also very experienced in providing. 

The medical translators used by TaikaTranslations are subject to the exact same strict criteria as our pharmaceutical translators, a fact which, in conjunction with our quality control process, means that our translations in the field, be they medical or pharmaceutical, are guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality.