We offer any type of translation service. Document translation is only one of many services we offer.

Our expert translation team is committed to providing any and all translations services for your use.



TaikaTranslations- Your full-service translations company

We are here to serve, plain and simple. Providing you with a full service translation company is how we do it. We professionally and creatively manifest your precise message in the target language of your choice. While we focus on all Slavic, Baltic, and Finnish language combinations, we do provide any language combination upon request and ensure the exact replication of your message is transferred appropriately and professionally.  

Document Translation

TaikaTranslations provides professional document translation services for all our clients' business needs, and delivers consistently excellent service to our rapidly expanding clientele. Our blend of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts, and project managers increasingly makes TaikaTranslations the partner of choice for even the most complex and specialized document translation need.

TaikaTranslations has extensive experience in the translation of a wide variety of documents focusing on the following areas:

Academic Transcripts

Business Translation

Certified Translation

Contract Translation

Engineering Translation

Financial Translation 

Immigration Translation

IT Translation

Legal Translation

Medical Translation

Patent Translation

Pharmaceutical Translation

Technical Translation

Website Translation and Localization

We are also able to translate academic qualifications, birth/death certificates, marriage certificates, personal legal documents, CV's and a wide variety of other forms of official documentation, and to provide an appropriate certificate of authenticity, notarization, and legalization.

Professional Document Translation Services

Each document to be translated will be assigned to separate language professionals; a translator(s), an editor(s) and a proofreader(s), all off whom will have the experience in the relevant field. 

Translation of the document by a linguist qualified in the appropriate field is only the first stage in the quality control process.

Once your document has been translated, it will be passed to the editor, who will ensure that it reads accurately and appropriately in the target language. At this time, the proofreader will then compare the source and target documents so as to ensure complete consistency between the two documents. 

In this way you can be sure that your translated document will read just as well and just as professionally, in its completed version, as it did in the source document.


Appropriate Use of Language in Your Document Translation


TaikaTranslations use of linguists qualified in the relevant field of expertise means that appropriate terminology, whether it refers to law, finance, engineering, or any other area of business, will always appear in the translated document.

All of TaikaTranslations language professionals, whether they be translators, editors, proofreaders, or project managers, understand the vital importance of the type of language used. For example, a Power Point slide-show for team building would be translated in a more familiar manner than a legal contract. Accuracy and precision of the message is paramount, and we understand that each message must be relayed in the most appropriate manner.