We provide legal translation services of any capacity. Our personnel are well qualified to translate

and legal document that needs to be translated into another language. Certified legal translation, notarized legal translation,

legally binding contracts, legal services, legal immigration issues, legal translations of any nature are provided by our firm. 


Legal Translation Services

TaikaTranslations specializes in providing accurate legal translations using only legal professionals as well as legals translators and proofreaders with professional qualifications in legal translations and related fields.

Top Quality Translation of Legal Documents

We have extensive experience in the translation of legal documents of any kind. Our combination of experienced, skilled language professionals, industry experts, and project mangers makes TaikaTranslations the perfect partner for even the most complex and specialized legal translation need. 

Highly Accredited Legal Translators

Our customers can be completely assured of the high standards and consistency of our legal translations. The owners of our company are seasoned and well educated linguists. As such they hold all of our team members to the highest of translation standards. All translators are screened and their work is often reviewed by quality assurance editors to ensure a continuum of accuracy is maintained.

Legal Translations You Can Trust

We maintain our excellent standards in legal translation by only assigning translation work to translators and proofreaders who will either have extensive experience working in the legal translation industry, or will have undergone legal translation training. This specialization means that terminology or constructions specific to legal documents will always be translated correctly. 

In addition, we only use highly qualified translators who translate exclusively into their own native language, ensuring that the translations read identical to the original documents.

This meticulous attention to linguistic and legal detail allows us to develop strong relationships both with major legal firms, as well as the legal and contract departments for a growing number of multi-national corporations.