Insurance Translation

We provide for all your translation requirements. Our services include, but are not limited to, translation of audio files. 

Our expert transcribers maintain excellent translation skills and technical proficiency. This combination insures a seamless insurance translation service for your global insurance translation needs.

Insurance translation is provided for property, medical, legal, motor, media industries among others. We accept work from dictation and written information.

Insurance Transcripts you may require typing:

  • Telephone calls
  • Inquests
  • Slips
  • Wordings
  • Cover notes
  • Certificates
  • Addendums

In the insurance industry, large volumes of data are collected in the form of conversations and testimonies given by clients and other individuals involved in various claims. Insurance data, both medical and non-medical can come in various forms; including audio and video recordings. It needs to be transcribed exactly the same way as it was collected, in an easy to read format so that it's useful.

Are you seeking a way to outsource your insurance related translation? Are you looking to get your insurance claim meetings and proceedings recorded and translated? Are you looking for a transcription partner who provides cost-effective, high quality service and client support? Outsource your transcription work to TaikaTranslations LLC and experience a precision transcription solution.

We at TaikaTranslations LLC are capable of providing insurance claim translation services to a number of leading law-firms, insurance companies and business firms. More than half of our clientele is a result of of referrals which illustrates our popularity in the transcription and the translation industry. With insurance transcription, where confidentiality is key, we have always been deemed as a highly dependable service provider to work with.

Insurance translation services are important to detect and correct any fraud at its earliest instance and enable smooth and efficient working in legal system. We, at TaikaTranslations LLC, understand the sensitivity of handling such documents and have, therefore, have tailored our processes to ensure high confidentiality.

Types of Insurance Translation:

  • Captioned Reports Translation
  • Insurance Claim Translation
  • Casualty Reports Translation
  • Liability Reports Translation
  • Property Reports Translation
  • Medical Correspondence
  • Police Reports Translation
  • Fire Reports Translation
  • Auto Claims Translation
  • Work Interview Translation
  • Certificate Translation
  • Recorded Statements and Interviews Translation
  • General Correspondence Translation

TaikaTranslations LLC provides accurate, confidential insurance transcription services. Our staff can quickly produce accurate transcripts for your:

  • Recorded Statements and Interviews
  • Investigation Notes
  • Property, Casualty, and Liability Reports
  • Fire and Police Reports
  • File Reviews
  • Captioned Reports
  • Telephone Conversations
  • Transmittal Letters
  • Summary Reports