Focus Group Transcription

Focus group transcription can be provided for university students, medical professionals, market research, legal and property professionals, etc. Focus groups are persons discussing an issue or multiple issues. Our transcripts will identify who is speaking by inserting their initials on the left hand side each time they speak. If you do not need the speakers identified please let us know as this will reduce the cost.

Types of focus transcription includes:

  • Roundtable discussion transcription
  • Focus group discussion transcription
  • Meeting transcription
  • Group discussion transcription
  • Drug advisory board meeting transcription
  • Brainstorming session transcription
  • Surveys and market research transcription

The transcribed information from these groups is mostly used to make important decisions or for archiving purposes.

Focus Group transcriptions usually require intelligent verbatim transcription but we will discuss your requirements with you on a project by project basis.

Would you like to keep a textual record of significant discussions? Are you looking for someone who can transcribe your audio files accurately? Are you looking someone whom you can rely on for the confidentiality of your data? At TaikaTranslations LLC, we help you meet all of your objectives. We have years of experience in providing accurate transcription services to customers across the globe.

Focus group transcription refers to transcribing media files which capture a discussion between individuals or a group of people. These types of discussions are usually carried out in market research companies, training companies, universities and research organizations. If you are into one of these types of business, you can outsource your focus group transcription services.

TaikaTranslations LLC focus group transcription services

We can offer focus group transcription services for the following:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Group discussions
  • Group interviews
  • Round table discussions
  • Strategy planning sessions
  • Teleconferences
  • Market research results
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Board meetings 

Why outsource focus group transcription services to TaikaTranslations LLC?

Focus group transcription is intricate and differs from all other types of transcription. It is the nature of speech in a focus group transcription that makes it particularly sensitive, which at times could be 4-5 people discussing robustly any given subject. This makes it very difficult for the transcriber to follow speech trails of the various individuals involved in the discussion.

Focus group transcription can be made from recordings on digital or analog media. However, setting up a professional recording studio is not practical for companies. Most focus group meetings are held in board rooms, seminar halls or conference rooms with the usual environmental noises that occur at such meetings.

Sound systems and recording equipment are normally not of high professional quality. Under such circumstances, transcription work necessitates professional help from focus group transcription specialists such as us.