Education Transcription

We provide students and professors/teachers alike with education transcription services for 1:1 interview transcriptions, 2:1 interview transcriptions, and academic research interview transcriptions. Over the years, we have mastered the art of professional recording specifications and numerous formatting requirements.

Education transcription is a very important transcription service that includes transcription of all academic material into text form for ease of data management.

This transcription is helpful for academic and education purposes for collection, storing, managing and studying data in the education field.

Educational transcription refers to the transcription of lectures, seminars, discussions, etc. held in institutes and universities.

The services under this category fall under two main classes, namely, real time educational transcription and non-real time educational transcription. Audio recording and related technology and affordability have brought enormous opportunity for today's learners. Recorded class room lectures and focus group sessions in universities are invaluable assets during classes for deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as those with visual, physical, or learning difficulties. We transcribe any subject handled in classroom sessions. This saves great deal of time in taking notes in the classrooms. It helps students to concentrate on listening and comprehending what is being said.

Universities and educational institutions worldwide, rely on audio and video and text to provide lectures and notes. Audio and video tools have made it easy for students to become better learners. Educational transcription involves converting these audio and video materials into a text format which helps students by providing an additional method to review classroom lectures. Also sometimes referred to as lecture transcription services, it also helps lecturers to review their classroom sessions through these useful transcripts.

One of the important applications of educational and academic transcription is to aid students who are deaf / hard at hearing. Hard at hearing students find it impossible to follow lectures that involve audio recordings. Textual transcripts of the lectures serve as an easy method for them to refer to notes and lectures.

Our educational transcription team consists of trained transcriptionists, advanced recording and conversion software, and multiple layers of quality assessment. This potent system ensures that we deliver quickly with high accuracy, each of our educational transcription assignments. We undertake transcribing in these specific areas: 

  • Lecture transcription
  • Seminar transcription
  • Research session notes
  • Oral history transcription
  • Webcasts and podcasts of lectures