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Wow! If my suspicions are true about who Johan XXXXXX XXXXXXX is, the note I asked to be translated explains a lot. I found the same note concerning Ms. XXXXXXXXX everywhere he moved to all over the county until 1869 when I cannot find him anymore.....I did not expect everything on the Household Examinations to be translated, THANK YOU! It helps me understand the form better. I have been able to piece together the meanings of a lot of them through some Swedish to English word lists and translations of abbreviations......Thanks so much, I approve the work and look forward to receiving the certified copies.

Ruth  R. April 2017


"I have worked on many projects with TaikaTranslations and their staff are friendly, cooperative and good communicators. I am always glad to work with them, knowing that I will be treated well."

Charlotte (May 2016)


"You did such a wonderful job translating my last document."

Spencer (Apr 2017)


"Since March I've done several projects for Taika, which were handled very uncomplicated and straight to the point. Very helpful when needed. Payment on time. Couldn't be happier about the cooperation."

Viola (Apr 2017)


"Pleasure to work with the company: Excellent 24/7 communication and engagement."

Fazil (Apr 2017)


"Truly exceptional communicators. Payment as scheduled. A real pleasure to work with. Everything done right. AAA+"

Edward (Apr 2017) 


"Good communication and even paid a few days before expected. Look forward to working together again."

Fionn (Mar 2017)


"We've worked together on several projects and definitely will work again."

Travod (Mar 2015)


"Easy to talk to and very professional."

Katrina V. / Globibo Project Manager (Mar 2015)


"Impeccable expertise and a flawless manner of doing business, all topped with heartwarming attitude. Perfection incarnate."

Sergey P. (Mar 2015)


"Taika Translations is an excellent partner to work with. Margarita and Jason are both outstanding, kind and very professional people. I highly recommend this outsourcer."

Maros (Mar 2015)


"Margarita Ehlinger is an excellent project manager - straightforward, organized, and available for any questions. A very professional working experience."

Sarah (Mar 2015)


"Good and reliable outsourcer. Friendly, quick replies, payments on time. I would definitely work with them again."

Theo (Mar 2015)


"I got to know Taika Translations as a very reliable and creditable company. It was a pleasure to work with the company each time and all my bills were paid duely."

Marta (Feb 2015)


"Payment on time and professional cooperation. Looking forward to new projects!"

Maria (Feb 2015)


"I have had two working opportunities with the agency and it was definitely a pleasurable experience. Clear instructions, affordable and reasonable deadline and above all, early payments. I would say YES."

Chakib (Feb 2015)


"Various and interesting projects, perfect coordination with Margarita, very reliable outsourcer, nice to work with."

Grazia (Feb 2015)


"We at Lingo Horizon TS, are very glad at the moment working with Taika Translations. They provide good quality work and friendly customer service."

Zaid / Lingo Horizon Project Manager (Feb 2015)


"We very much enjoy working with this company!!!"

Rachel / R&R International Translation Specialists Inc. Project Manager (Feb 2015)


"It is a pleasure to work with Taika Translations LLC. I definitely recommend this outsourcer."

Theresa (Feb 2015)


"It has a familiar style of working which I like, since mutual trust is paramount in this business."

Laszlo (Feb 2015)


"Clear instructions, large projects and payment always on time!"

Andrei S. (Feb 2015)


"Professional PM, timely payment, very friendly staff. Will be glad to continue our collaboration."

Sergey D. (Feb 2015)


"The honesty, trustworthiness, and ease of communication with this client are invariable and inspirational for sure! I am grateful for for making this contact possible."

Spark (Feb 2015)


"Margarita is one good person to deal with as she always pays on time :)"

Jouni (Feb 2015)

"Excellent communication and no-fuss payment. Overall, a pleasure to work for!"

Geraldo (Feb 2015)


"Nice collaboration! Prompt responses and prompt payment too. I would definitely like to work with them in future!"

Keerti (Feb 2015)


"I have worked on several projects for Taika. I would definitely work with them again. They pay quickly and have been very professional  in all their dealings with me! Great company!"

Nick (Feb 2015)


"It was real pleasure to work with this company. God bless their effort!"

Dusan (Feb 2015)


"It was pleasant to work with this company. The management by Margarita is agile, yet competent. Payment made just in time. Interesting projects. I'm impressed and like to continue our collaboration. "

Leon (Feb 2015)


" I have had the pleasure of working with Taika Translations on many small assignments and they are always very easy to work with! Payments are always on time and they have wonderful mentoring advice!"

Tammy (Feb 2015)


"It's a serious and responsible company. Good and kind in terms of communication and compliance of terms. Highly recommendable."

Eddie (Feb 2015)


"Emerging and friendly company. Fast growing and fast paying. Always glad to communicate with Margarita, the PM."

Sergey K. (Feb 2015)


"Professional approach, timely payment."

Vitaliy (Feb 2015)


"Reliable and professional agency. Quick and efficient communication, timely payment without reminding. It was a pleasure to work with Taika Translations."

Natalia (Feb 2015)


"Very responsible and nice PM. I really recommend them."

Luisa (Feb 2015)


"A very professional company."

Butinge (Feb 2015)


"Professional, supportive, helpful, organized, pleasant and friendly; payment exactly in time. I'd be glad to continue our cooperation."

Anna (Feb 2014)


"I did a short English-Canadian French customer service translation. The project manager was helpful, converting a PDF into Word so I could do the job with my screen-reader. Positive experience!"

Carrie (Feb 2015)


"Timely payment, professional support."

Chen (Feb 2015)


"A great outsourcer to work with. I look forward to working with Margarita again."

Mijin (Feb 2015)


"It was a pleasure to work with Margarita. Looking forward to work with you again. Thank you."

Zara (Jan 2015)


"Thank you so much!!! I'm glad Hania introduced you to us:))"

Silene (Jan 2015)


"It was a real pleasure working with you, and I look forward to working with you again!"

Cesar (Jan 2015)


"Good communication and payment."

Yaowanute (Dec 2014)


"The translation was very good and you were very responsive and polite. I am happy that you did this translation!"

Elena (Dec 2014)


..."it might be great if we could use the same translator, our client was very happy with the previous translations"....

Debbie/Voice-Over Project Manager (Dec 2014)


"Thank you so much : )........Your a star!"

Rossella (Nov 2014)


"I'd like to use the opportunity to express that I have had the very best experiences with TaikaTranslations and you personally as a project leader/coordinator."

Maros (Nov 2014)


"Margarita is a very nice linguist to work with and always delivers her work on time. I will refer TaikaTranslations to everyone I know who is in need of translation! I was 100% satisfied with the services I received from TaikaTranslations."

Berengere (Aug 2014)


"Margarita is an excellent linguist. She has done a great job with Russian/Latvian/Finnish to English jobs and our customers have always been happy with the quality. Thanks!"

Ed (2014)


"Margarita was communicative and nice to work with. We are looking forward to our next projects with TaikaTranslations LLC."

From Switzerland (2014)


"Margarita is a very professional and responsive translator. I definitely recommend her services."

Anthony (2013)

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