Conference Transcription

We provide superior quality of speech to text transcripts for Conference Transcription of various business, government institutions, and corporate offices.

Conference transcripts can be required by medical professionals, legal, property, financial instructions, students and universities and corporate organizations. Basically all professionals take part in conferences as part of their business development. There are usually one or two speakers, sometimes more, and then the final part consists of questions and answers from the audience. There can also be various sessions spreading throughout the course of a day.

Conference transcriptions usually require a transcript using intelligent verbatim. This ensures you receive the full recording but eliminating any unnecessary conversation like uhh... and mmm..., you know and, like, etc. The transcript artist will list each speaker and their presentation and the times if required. It is helpful if an agenda is provided to us beforehand in order that we may research the speaker's names, the times they start and finish including breaks.

We accept digital and all analogue formats.

Types of conference transcript you may require:

  • Board meetings
  • Minutes transcription
  • Corporate meeting transcription
  • Drug study trials
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Surveys and market research transcription
  • Trade shows
  • Research interview transcription
  • Seminar transcription
  • Presentations
  • Focus group discussions
  • Lecture transcription
  • Corporate meeting transcription

A conference normally involves one or more speakers either addressing and audience or holding a conversation across a telephone line to discuss particular issues. In today's fast paced world, these conversations are of vital importance. Most business executives prefer to record such conversations for future reference purposes.

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What are the benefits of outsourcing conference transcription services? 

Outsourcing conference transcription services is gaining in popularity by the day and global companies are rapidly realizing the advantages of outsourcing conference transcription. Below is a plethora of benefits realized by organizations that have already started outsourcing conference transcription services to TaikaTranslations LLC:

  • Outsourcing conference transcription will help you save significantly in three critical areas - cost, time and effort, resulting in better profitability and enhanced productivity. 
  • Your organization can gain significantly by delegating corporate transcription activities. Your company can safe significantly on resources, preventing the need for dedicated human resources to handle corporate transcriptions.
  • Outsourcing conference transcription services , can give you access to an experienced work force of conference transcribers who will accurately transcribe all your conference audio files.