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Taika History

Here at TaikaTranslations LLC we understand the need for well translated historical documents. In an effort to provide accurate manifestation of your historical documents, we search maintain and search out if necessary, translators that are well versed in the art of translating documents from just a few years ago, to many many years ago. Because of the Taika promise of excellence, we guarantee that your family or historical documents will be translated professionally, by someone who knows both the history and understands some of the main facts of life during the antiquated time frame in which your document was created.

Ancestry translation

When translating a document such as an ancestor related document, nothing is more comforting that knowing that the person who is working on your translation has an in-depth knowledge of what was going on in the world during the formation or your ancestry document. Things like wars, politics, social norms, specific language or terminology used in the specific area in which your document was created are all critical factors for the correct manifestation of your precious document. TaikaTranslations LLC works diligently to ensure that the information on your documents is preserved and manifested properly in your new document. There is nothing more rewarding that uniting the past with the present or even the future, and providing detailed information regarding your history in a format that you can utilize for generations to come. We believe that your history is best written by your family, and as such, you should always be able to read and understand those traces of life left for you by those who loved you. 

Historical government translation

In today's ever changing world scene, the past can be very muddled when we look to current documents speaking about years gone by. What we find is that the best way to find out how governments and politics were being administrated in antiquated times is to retrieve the documents from that time, and find out from those writers living in those times, who experienced what life was like, how the general public viewed the world, and how the governments around the world viewed those living under their jurisdiction. When translating these types of documents, it is our pleasure to ensure that all of these aspects are considered and utilized during the translation of such documents. The world belongs to every person in it, and as such, any documents relating to it's governance in years gone by are critical for an accurate world view and portrayal of related documentation.

historical marriage translation

It is critical to find out who married who to identify the origins of families. Many times you can find instances where two lovers defied social norms, status, and rank in society to be with the one they loved. When we translate these types of documents, we take special care to ensure we record dates, comments by witnesses, parents, or others mentioned on the document, and we ensure it is all manifested in perfect form so that you can have a clear picture of all the issues your family was dealing with during the marriages of any relative you have documentation on. 

historical birth translation

Everyone was born somewhere right? As such, any documentation you may have regarding births in your family are critical lineage documents that lead you to your family origins. We ensure every possible effort is made to ensure your birth documents are translated precisely as they have been written. Whether it is from your family Bible, or a note the doctor wrote out to a mother in a field hospital, or from a government that has since been erased from existence, we use every resource possible to provide quality birth documents so that you can find out where you and your family came from. Our team is commited to helping you in whatever way we can to ensure you understand any documents you have from years gone by relating to births.

All history is a story

From governmental documents to ancient documents created for the establishment of marriage contracts, we translate anything that has to do with historical documentation professionally, timely, and reliably. Taika's dedicated team of professionals is ready and willing to take care of anything you may have need of regarding historical document translation. Historical documents are one of our favorite types of translation because as you entrust us to translate your historical documents, we know that you are giving us the amazing opportunity to reveal new light on things that happened in years gone by that may not be recorded anywhere else. It provides us the opportunity to learn about the world in which we live, and allows us to give others with the same knowledge. Whatever the need may be in this sphere, we are 100% committed to providing you perfectly translated historical documents.