We are an online translation company committed to providing the highest quality translation,

in the shortest amount of time possible. An excellent translation company created to meet your needs. 


TaikaTranslations LLC, is a company that focuses on excellence. Effective communication in today's economy and business environment is paramount, and all of our team members here at TaikaTranslations understand and practice this concept of fostering crystal clear communication across any boundary. Our company began in 2009 when we decided to open a translation company to pursue the family vision of creating a company that is client focused, provides high quality service, and maintains strong relationships with clients, while providing long-term, quality products. We communicate to each of our team members that we are in the business of empowering others to eliminate barriers and foster crystal clear communication so that our clients' goals can be met with every document or communication that is entrusted to our care.

The most important characteristics of our company is that we are a Christian company. We strive to honor the name of Jesus Christ in every business transaction or decision we make. The Bible is the underlying structure of how our company is administrated.


TaikaTranslations LLC's Mission Statement

Our service oriented company strives to be the leader as the most honest, professional, high-quality translation provider,

in the global translation industry. To focus on family integration into business. We empower our clients and our team members

to achieve their personal and business goals. We are passionate communicators and honor God with this company.


TaikaTranslations is a family and Bible oriented company. 'Behold, God is excellent,' It is upon this fact that we base our company, and this is the the guiding principle beneath all our translation services. Whatever we do, whether negotiating a large project or administering the most minor workings of the company, we strive to be excellent in what we do, because God is excellent. 


Jason R. Ehlinger-CEO

“One of my primary occupations while living in Germany was to foster good relationships between the United States and European countries.”

Born to a military family, language and diversified environments have been a common theme throughout his life since childhood. After being in the military himself, he and his wife decided they would open a translation company because the industry was growing rapidly, and the need for translation companies and translators who consistently provide excellent translation, was, and still is in short supply. He graduated from Liberty University with a BS in Multidisciplinary Studies.

While living in Germany for over four years. He had the opportunity to be submerged in the language and culture of many different countries. "One of my primary occupations while living in Germany was to foster good relationships between the United States and European countries" Jason said. While there he learned Russian,  and German along with practicing the already known language of Spanish at many different times.  

Jason is a visionary industry leader, and passionate about fostering complete communication between all the world's languages. "If people around the world can communicate with one another effectively, then the hypothetical boundaries created by borders and languages will no longer exist. Communication is power."  Jason said. TaikaTranslations is 100% committed to meeting the needs of their customers, and will not let them down. 


Margarita Ehlinger-Vice President

“The need for a well-established communication network to provide a continuum of excellent service to the industry is imminent.”

Studied Linguistics at the University of Latvia where she received a BA in Linguistics with a focus on the Finnish language. Because she grew up in Latvia, she was introduced to many languages, and at a young age became proficient in English, Russian, and Latvian. Further studies allowed her the opportunity to become well adapted to many languages including all Slavic and Baltic languages, along with the Finnish language.

While becoming an expert in diverse languages and spending much time traveling throughout Europe and Scandinavia, Margarita quickly understood the need to be well educated and even more, well communicated. She lived in various countries with very differing cultures and languages. She spent over a year living in Helsinki and Jyvaskyla, Finland and over five years in Germany living in Berlin, and Kaiserslautern. Along with living in Latvia, and now in the USA, residing in Texas, she has always been keen on learning new ways to help others communicate their message. The translation industry is a vast and ever growing business that will require more and more human effort in to accurately relay their messages to one another, and Margarita for one, is interested in making that happen. "The need for a well established communication network to provide a continuum of excellent services to the translation industry is imminent", Margarita said.